Halloween Chaos;Head reading, Steins;Gate Elite Unboxing, and more await us in this week’s livestreams!
This week will see some more Science Adventure Visual Novel Livestreams.

Also, Spike Chuunsoft, the english-speaking publisher for Steins;Gate ELITE will host a twitch event, where they will unbox a Japanese Premium Edition of the Game.
This week, Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head will be in our focus. Here are the details for this weeks’ streams.
The following livestreams are planned:

  • Wednesday, 31th of October at 9 pm Central European Time
    • Halloween special: Chaos;Head Visual Novel KaitoCross‘ channels
      • starting from the beginning
  • Friday, 3th of November 6 pm PDT
    • japanese Steins;Gate ELITE unboxing on Spike Chuunsoft’s official twitch
  • Saturday, 4th of November at 6:30 pm Pacific Time
    • Steins;Gate Elite vs Original Visual Novel on Leif the Revanite‘s channel


If you also are hosting a Science Adventure Visual Novel related stream, please post info about it in the comments.

The following streams have already been completed this week:

  • Monday, 29th of October (today) at 10pm Central European Time

    • Steins;Gate Visual Novel on KaitoCross‘ channels
      • starting in Chapter 3, where the LOTO SIX D-Mail has been sent

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