Hey everybody! I had an idea recently and am making it real. Friday, the 1st of February. The Day of the DaSH (name subject to change) On that day, we’ll raise awareness for Science Adventure through and on livestreaming platforms. Focus is to get people hyped for Science Adventure in general, but in specific Robotics;Notes […]

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Rigs, MrMonday and I have worked on an English Fansub of the second ChäoS;HEAd (PC) Visual Novel Website Trailer the last couple days, and we proudly announce, that the fansub is finished and released! You can find more information about ChäoS;HEAd on kirikiribasara.com Please enjoy the Trailer, and if you feel inclined to play the […]

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Hey everyone! Most of my readers know, that I livestream my reading sessions of  Science Adventure visual novels on Twitch and YouTube. So far I have livestreamed parts of ChäoS;HEAd and Steins;Gate, both of which I am playing for the first time. In order to improve my stream, I am asking for your feedback on […]

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