In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a project to make characters of the visual novel Steins;Gate come to life through AI – the usage of certain machine learning algorithms. So far, I’ve looked into GPT-2 (AI/machine learning model that generates somewhat coherent text) and finetuned the 117M model from OpenAI for […]

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Auf meinem Twitter-Account habe ich verkündet, dass ich einen Vortrag auf der Pi and More 11 1/2 in Krefeld bezüglich meiner PhoneWave halte. Die Veranstaltung fand letzten Samstag statt und hat uns nun eine Aufzeichnung meines Vortrages mit dem Titel “Die E-Mail, die durch die Zeit sprang” auf YouTube zur Verfügung gestellt. Hier ist der […]

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Hey everyone! Most of my readers know, that I livestream my reading sessions of  Science Adventure visual novels on Twitch and YouTube. So far I have livestreamed parts of ChäoS;HEAd and Steins;Gate, both of which I am playing for the first time. In order to improve my stream, I am asking for your feedback on […]

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ZømbïelåÑD;SÄGa is part of the Science Adventure universe. Remember, a good conspiracy theorist must ignore all evidence that speaks against his theory. chuunibyou on MUSIC, COME ON We have compiled some evidence in favour of ZømbïelåÑD;SÄGa being a SciADV title. The hints Let’s get the most obvious hint out of the way: Koutarou and Rintarou […]

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Halloween Chaos;Head reading, Steins;Gate Elite Unboxing, and more await us in this week’s livestreams! This week will see some more Science Adventure Visual Novel Livestreams. Also, Spike Chuunsoft, the english-speaking publisher for Steins;Gate ELITE will host a twitch event, where they will unbox a Japanese Premium Edition of the Game. This week, Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head […]

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Hello everyone! Since tomorrow’s Steins;Gate 0 episode (the last one to be aired regularly, but an OVA will follow) is approaching, I thought I shall dedicate another PhoneWave livestreaming session in commemoration of that. In that livestream, I will showcase the PhoneWave and open access to it to you. Please feel free to test it […]

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This microwave modification has been designed to recreate the remote control function of the PhoneWave (used in Steins;Gate) including a mod to use it in the process of sending D-Mails. I tried to make it as cheap and easy as possible, so it won’t be 100% like the original PhoneWave. In this process, all heating […]

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Hello everyone! This entry of the “Stories of a Cosplay Microwave” series of articles will be in English exclusively. On the 19th of May 2018, I visited DoKomi (german anime convention) again – with the PhoneWave (video links to 2014 version. Mentioned upgrade not included in this video, new video will follow soon). But things […]

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